We are so proud to have been chosen by the USA World Championship Teams for both the Mens and Womens to use our clubs Gymnastics facilities at Moss Farm as part of their preparations for the World Championships in Liverpool 2022.

We are grateful for the opportunity to host both of their amazing teams of superb gymnasts and extraordinary coaches, judges, medical staff and officials from USA Gymnastics.

Thanks too for all the lovely comments about our gym and set up and we are so pleased it was “a perfect set up” for the teams over the days they were practising with us.

The Cheshire coaches had a little window of time to get to know them all a little more and chat with all the USA and personal coaches and it was especially lovely to go out to a superb Italian restaurant in little old Middlewich where they kindly opened up just for us!

Hope you enjoy the photo’s and thanks for the gifts, they will be treasured by our coaches x


Alisha Evanson & Ethan Spencer have tumbled their way to a great result in the English Gold Championships in Sheffield in October. Its the first national medal for Ethan so we are so pleased for him and is a testament to his continued hard work. Alisha continues to be successful in National competitions over the last few years and is looking forward to continue increasing the difficulty of her tumbles along with Ethan, well done all.


Day 1 in Liverpool
A Fabulous weekend for our WAG squad
Mia 6th on Vault, Isla – Beam Queen and Judges Award for superb landings on her floor; Peyton – Beam Queen; Bethany – Beam Award for sticking her routine; Meg – Judges Award for Expressive Artistry
Day 2 in Liverpool
INCREDIBLE performances for our gymnasts with a special mention for Lilia Dunne who placed 1st on bars out of a huge category of 59!!! Lilia – Bars GOLD Vault SILVER Floor SILVER Overall 5th plus Beam Queen Award, Excellent Bars Execution, Floor Artistry Award & Great Vault Award! WOW Well done! Issy – 5th Floor & Vault and 4th Bars & Beam plus Beam Queen Award & 4th Overall! Amelia 3rd on Vault & Beam Queen Award! Sian Artistry Award & Beam Queens Pearl, Georgia & Beau! Thank you coaches Alisha & Jasmine for your amazing commitment and growing successes

Wow! what a day for our Trampolinists in Salford – lots of smiles & happy faces after great performances from everybody! Well done gymnasts and the coaching team behind them – Zoe, Jack & Claire

Freya 1st 🥇 Tilda 2nd 🥈 Nia 1st 🥇 Issy 2nd 🥈 Erin 6th, 1st in team Teddy 2nd 🥈 Billy 3rd 🥉 Lewis 1st 🥇 Maria 1st 🥇 Felix 1st 🥇 & Charlie 1st 🥇

Telford International Centre hosted the English Tumbling Championships and Cheshire Gymnastics Club entered just 10 gymnasts and unbelievably took away SIX national titles  and a Bronze Medal too!

SIX New English Champions in just one Weekend out of the 70+ clubs competing from all around the country.

Here are our gymnasts:

Annabelle Garvey 11-12 years English Champion

Dylan Lowth 11-12 years English Champion

Isabella Gorry 13 years + English Champion

Lily Mae Martin 13-14 years English Champion

Harry Sands 11-12 years English Champion

James Appleton 13-14 years English Champion

Joshua Chow 15 years + Bronze Medal

Zachary Modi 11-12 years 4th

Ella Hudson 11-12 years 11th

Leo Rutland 9-10 years 7th

Well done to Alisha Evanson for judging on the weekend and for coaches Laura Hudson & James Garvey.



Alisha Evanson has won the Gold Medal in the National Age Group 17-21 Womens FIG Tumbling competition in June at the Birmingham Arena. This is another national title for Alisha as she moves onto the British Championships now later in the year. We wish her every success in her journey and hope selection to national squads follow on from this growing list of great results for her, keep up the hard work!

In light of the Whyte Review, which we wholly welcome, we are very disappointed to read about the bad practice out there with certain clubs or coaches, we would like to remind our gymnastics community, which includes our gymnasts, their families, our coaches, young leaders, volunteers and visitors, that our aim as a club is to continue to abide by all of the current Governing Body rules and continue to provide full transparency as we feel this is  crucial to us maintaining a safe and fun environment where everybody can thrive.
If you have not yet had the chance to read the Whyte Review please do so.
The British Gymnastics Board have noted:
“We know that the vast majority of you, as stated by Anne Whyte QC are doing a good job and are committed to ensuring we have a positive, safe and healthy environment for everyone involved in our sport. We see many great examples in our clubs, and we want to be able to showcase these. However, as the review has shown there are significant improvements needed to ensure everyone is protected. We all must play a role in ensuring we take on board the recommendations and to consider where we can make improvements.”
The publication of the Whyte Review is a critical moment for gymnastics. All of us must play our part in changing our sport for the better.
By empowering our community to freely communicate, report and to feel confident they will be listened to means everything to us as a club.
Since 2011 as a club we have operated, without exception, an open door policy, which means as our club members you can pop in and observe your child in their sessions without booking in advance at anytime, subject to any recent Covid restrictions being in place. We continue to encourage it and have confidence to offer this level of transparency as we strive to create the safest and most professional environment for our gymnasts and our team.
With all of this in mind if you or others are worried about behaviours and conduct in gymnastics, please email the clubs welfare officers at welfare@cheshiregymnastics.com or contact integrity@british-gymnastics.org for help and assistance.
What a day for our AMAZING Tumblers & Trampolinists !
13 Gold & 5 Silver Medals! Congratulations all gymnasts, Coaches Mark, James, Zoe & Jack.
Many gymnasts qualifying for English Championships at Telford in July & also representing the North West Squad in Sheffield in September.
May Goodison Club 2 Age 9-10 GOLD 🥇
Rita Rose Hall Club 2 Age 11 GOLD 🥇
Gwen Goode Club 2 Age 11 SILVER 🥈
Joshua Kerr Club 2 Boys Age 7-8 GOLD 🥇
Joshua Davies Club 2 Boys Age 7-8 SILVER 🥈
Toby Proudman Club 3 Boys Age 9-10 GOLD 🥇
Grace Davie Club 4 Age 11-12 GOLD 🥇
Grace Wilding Club 4 Age 9-10 GOLD 🥇
Sophia Nafisi Club 4 Age 13-14 SILVER 🥈
Good performances: Freya Carley & Brianna Hamilton places TBC
Leo Rutland Club 5 Boys Age 9-10 GOLD 🥇
Ella Hudson Club 5 Age 11-12 GOLD 🥇
Annabelle Garvey Club 6 Age 11-12 SILVER🥈
Isabella Gorry Club 6 Age 13-14 GOLD 🥇
Lily Mae Martin Regional 2 Age 13-14 GOLD 🥇
Ellie Oliver Regional 2 Age 15 + GOLD 🥇
Harry Sands Regional 4 Boys Age 11-12 GOLD 🥇
James Appleton Regional 4 Boys Age 13-14 GOLD 🥇
Good performance: Emily Ebbage 4th place
Injured & recovered well now Joe Hubberstey
Excellent progress for our trampolinists – Nina has improved her rank from 26th at her last competition in 2019 to an incredible 5th position in a huge category – well done Nina Mewies
Best performance & score ever from Jessica Broadhurst well done and of course an admirable Silver from Max Berry! SILVER🥈 and well done Zoe & Jack our great coaches on the day!
Our fantastic Floor and Vault and Womens Squad travelled to the North West Region Floor & Vault & Cheshire & Merseyside Championships in May and came back with a host of titles and delivered some great performances.
Our amazing Scarlett – Cheshire and Merseyside Champion, 2nd overall in North West and 2nd on Floor in the North West! Well done.
Our amazing Amber – 2nd overall in Cheshire and Merseyside, 3rd on floor in north west and overall in the North West.
Our Super Caitlin –  Overall North West Champion and Cheshire & Merseyside Champion too! So proud of you well done.
Beau 1st on vault NW and Cheshire and Merseyside, 2nd Overall in Cheshire and Merseyside, 3rd Overall in the NW.
Sophia 2nd on vault Cheshire and Merseyside and 3rd on floor, 3rd on vault in the NW.
Huge shout out and thank you to our Amazing Dream Team today –  Alisha, Rachel & Ieuan for fully supporting our club and gymnasts today

Acrobats travelled down to Southampton for the Inter Regional Acrobatics Championships in April and delivered some brilliant performances. A great performance from the trio of Charlotte, Emma and Alice and an amazing Bronze medal for Zak & Alice for the mixed pair. Well done to Laura and all the parents for making the long journey down and having such a great time!