About us

Welcome to  a fully inclusive and friendly British Gymnastics accredited club. We are based in cheshire  and have plans to expand across the whole of the county providing high quality coaching within a safe and fun environment for gymnasts of all ages.

Cheshire Gymnastics is a high quality recreational club with great potential for the development of a competitive pathway. The club is in a period of rapid growth and it has plans to develop the Moss Farm Performance centre in partnership with the Local Authority by the end of 2017. The clubs Coaches have produced both regional and national champions in the past therefore the skills and experience are available now within the coaching team to repeat this level of performance and even exceed it.

Mark Hudson who manages the club with Laura his wife is employed by the national governing body (British Gymnastics) as a tutor and internal verifier assessing the quality of gymnastic clubs across the North of England.

Mark has managed gymnastic clubs for over 30 years, but he started his gymnastics career as a young boy in 1978, discovering his talent for tumbling firstly at Failsworth Gymnastics Club then moving onto Darwen Olympic Gymnastics Club where he was coached by John Waring (GB Coach). He was a senior Mens British Champion in 1987 following a number of second places and also performed Internationally as part of the Great Britain Team on numerous occasions over a period of 10 years. Mark competed at a number of World and European Championship competitions coming 8th overall in the world in 1984 (Sofia, Bulgaria) and 5th in the World Cup twisting final event in 1987 (Louisiana USA).

He has continued to develop himself as a coach since his attainment of a class 1 (International Performance Coach) qualification in 1994 (previously the highest possible within British Gymnastics) and is currently a High Performance Coach (Level 5) having developed several Regional and National Champions over the years.

Mark was both the Chairperson and Treasurer for the North West Acrobatic Gymnastics & Tumbling Committee over a period of 10 years.

Laura Hudson has managed gymnastics or dance related clubs/services for over a decade. She was Director of an International Dance Company and worked for the local Authority managing Dance and performances at the Brindley theatre. Laura has worked for many years in the stock market in Luxembourg and is a founding Director of Cheshire Gymnastics.

Laura is a choreographer with a 1st class degree from Liverpool JMU and has choreographed many dance sequences including for the celebration of the Cultural Olympiad 2012 in conjunction with Cheshire Dance.

Laura is an accomplished multi disciplined coach and mentor and provides inspiration for all the clubs activities. she was the North West competition organiser for a number of years. Laura was a member of the Great Britain national squad and attained a silver medal in the British Championships.

Laura was awarded the Sports Volunteer of the Year award for Cheshire and Warrington for 2012/13.

Our Fantastic Team – (in no particular Order) – Details and Photo’s to follow

Georgia Bradbury (Level 1 Womens Artistic Gym Coach)

Sophie Brayne (Level 2 Womens Artistic Coach/Elite Performer, Judge)

Sarah Brewitt (Level 5 High Performance Mens Artistic Coach, Great Britain Team Gymnast)

Dariusz Bielecki (Level 2 General Gymnastics, Support Teacher)

Emily Collier (Young Leader)

Beth Deakin (Assistant Gym Coach, proficiency Award Coach)

Christina Duckers (Level 3 Womens Artistic Coach, Choreographer, Cheer Coach)

Katy Firth (Level 1 Womens Artistic Coach, proficiency Award Coach)

Sally Fletcher (Assistant Gym Coach)

Tasha Gwalter (Level 3 Womens Artistic Gymnastics Coach)

Lauren Hall (Level 3 Trampoline Gymnastics Coach, Level 1 General Gymnastics Coach)

Cathy Houghton Eccles (Assistant Gym Coach)

Scott Hudson (Assistant Gym Coach, proficiency Award Coach)

Laura Hughes (Level 2 General Gymnastics Coach)

Rebecca Hughes (Level 1 Acrobatics Coach, proficiency Award Coach)

Georgia Jones (Assistant Gym Coach)

Helen Lonsdale (Pre-school Assistant Coach)

Beth Lucas (Womens Artistic Level 1)

Sarah Miller (Proficiency Awards Scheme Coach)

Claire Morgan (Level 3 Rhythmic Gym Coach)

Sian Mulryan ( (Level 1 Acrobatics Coach)

Cristine Daniel-Naguib (Level 1 Womens Artistic Gym Coach, proficiency Award Coach)

Charlotte O’Brien ( Level 2 Trampolining Coach, Judge)

Emma O’Brien ( Level 2 Trampolining Coach, Judge)

Lauren Parker (Level 2 Womens Artistic Gym Coach, proficiency Award Coach, Welfare Officer)

Cayla Price-Murphy (Level 1 General Gymnastics Coach)

Paul Plumpton (Level 4 Coach Women’s Artistic/Tutor/Assessor)

Shena Reynolds (Assistant Gym Coach, proficiency Award Coach)

Julie Robbins (Assistant Trampoline Coach)

Amanda Smith (Level 2 General Gymnastics Coach, Dance Choreographer)

Ashleigh Smith (Assistant Gym Coach)

Kodi Stahl (Assistant Trampoline Coach)

Tamara Talbot (Level 2 Womens Artistic Gym, Level 1 Trampolining Coach, proficiency Award Coach)

Allison Thompson (Assistant Gym Coach)

Lisa Trousdale (Level 1 Acrobatics Coach, Level 1 Pre school Coach proficiency Award Coach)

Liudmila Vojevodina   (Level 4 Acrobatics Coach, International Coach for Lithuania 2008-15, International Judge)

George Weatherson ( Level 2 Trampolining Coach)

Ria Wells (Assistant Trampoline Coach)

Ashley Wilson (Level 1 Acrobatics Coach, Assistant Trampoline Coach, Multi sports Coach)

Keep them coming! …….