Another great weekend for the club with fabulous performances from our gymnasts and some medals to take home too. Ethan Spencer became the Gold medal National Champion 17-21 years after taking two previous years silver medals. Alisha gained a Silver medal in the Senior Womens category with relatively new moves performed on the day. Justin Graham came 3rd and Bronze medal for Regional 4 15 years plus, some great tumbles and much more to come.

Teddy Jha came 3rd Bronze medal for his first ever national competition at Regional 3 10-12 years and a superb performance from Leo Rutland gained him a magnificent Silver Medal in the Regional 1 10-12 year category. Ella Hunt entered her first ever national competition and did really well in a large field of Club level 5 13 years plus coming 7th overall.

Our trampolinists did great and learnt so much in this big venue pushing their own boundaries with new moves and routines, all enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next qualifier very soon. The trampolinists and their final positions were Maria (19th), Matilda (35th), Peyton (38th), Nia (28th), Billy (9th), Lewis (18th) and Ben (19th) well done all.



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