Huge thanks to our AMAZING new judges Cristine, Helen & Mia, our helpers Ellie & Darcie and our great youngsters Charlotte, Mason, Ella & Zak! Well done for all your hard work Alisha & Jasmine coaching and organising our first friendly WAG Comp!

Great day for our Copper gymnasts:
6th Amelia
5th Lilia
4th Leah
3rd Isabelle
2nd Valentina
1st Isla

Brilliant day for Zinc gymnasts:
3rd Beau
2nd Pearl
1st Georgia

Lovely performances from our development group:
Overall Results:
3rd Amber
2nd Polly
1st Amelie

Such a lovely fun comp today with our friends from @gr8.gymnastics
Pre Development Results
4th Pippa
3rd Prim
2nd Alice
1st Saffron

Well done all gymnasts ☀️

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