We are so proud to have been chosen by the USA World Championship Teams for both the Mens and Womens to use our clubs Gymnastics facilities at Moss Farm as part of their preparations for the World Championships in Liverpool 2022.

We are grateful for the opportunity to host both of their amazing teams of superb gymnasts and extraordinary coaches, judges, medical staff and officials from USA Gymnastics.

Thanks too for all the lovely comments about our gym and set up and we are so pleased it was “a perfect set up” for the teams over the days they were practising with us.

The Cheshire coaches had a little window of time to get to know them all a little more and chat with all the USA and personal coaches and it was especially lovely to go out to a superb Italian restaurant in little old Middlewich where they kindly opened up just for us!

Hope you enjoy the photo’s and thanks for the gifts, they will be treasured by our coaches x


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