Day 1 in Liverpool
A Fabulous weekend for our WAG squad
Mia 6th on Vault, Isla – Beam Queen and Judges Award for superb landings on her floor; Peyton – Beam Queen; Bethany – Beam Award for sticking her routine; Meg – Judges Award for Expressive Artistry
Day 2 in Liverpool
INCREDIBLE performances for our gymnasts with a special mention for Lilia Dunne who placed 1st on bars out of a huge category of 59!!! Lilia – Bars GOLD Vault SILVER Floor SILVER Overall 5th plus Beam Queen Award, Excellent Bars Execution, Floor Artistry Award & Great Vault Award! WOW Well done! Issy – 5th Floor & Vault and 4th Bars & Beam plus Beam Queen Award & 4th Overall! Amelia 3rd on Vault & Beam Queen Award! Sian Artistry Award & Beam Queens Pearl, Georgia & Beau! Thank you coaches Alisha & Jasmine for your amazing commitment and growing successes

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