Cheshire Gymnastics

This survey will be used to decide what classes and activities will be scheduled in the new centre for the Community, please complete and share with your friends.

Thank you

Either fill in the survey below, or complete it on Survey Monkey.

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    • MarkLaura
      MarkLaura says:

      For the last three years we have been consulting with partners including the local Council, the schools, local Councillors, local colleges, the sports partnership, local sports clubs, all local gymnastics clubs including Hartford school of Gymnastics, Sport England, British Gymnastics, local companies plus we have conducted three public consultations.

      The consultation with Gymnastics clubs included a face to face meeting with Hartford over 18 months ago to discuss collaboration and use of the centre and discussions on the equipment set up using design plans etc. Hartford are the only club who have not agreed to utilise the centre in some way.

      We have friendly arrangements with all other clubs in the wide area.

      We would welcome a discussion with any parent, gymnast, coach or club if they would like to use the centre in some way and we would not like any obstruction to local people getting the best use out of what will be a great local facility and asset to the community.

  1. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Fantastic club…. My daughter has been in the club for a couple of years now and loves it! Such a friendly atmosphere, so much so that I joined the team.
    Can’t wait for moss farm to be up and running, just what The area needs ?

  2. Bec
    Bec says:

    Amazing news for Cheshire Gymnastics.

    My daughter has been coming to Cheshire Gymnastics for a few years now and absolutely loves it. The club is well run, all the staff are really friendly and supportive.The classes are great, covering all ages and abilities and this new center will help them even more.

    Well done team.

  3. Krishani
    Krishani says:

    Very exciting news about Moss Farm and a huge benefit to the community & other clubs in the surrounding area. It’ll be a great training facility for all. The club itself is a brilliant club to work for and run professionally otherwise I would not be a member of staff. Both my children attend one of the sites & receive high quality coaching from friendly, patient coaches who have helped them grow as young people and also in their own self confidence.

  4. Holly Downing
    Holly Downing says:

    Thoroughly looking forward to the development of Cheshire and British Gymnastics. As a volunteer coach for the club I couldn’t be more grateful for the oppurtunities already provided and the ones avaliable in the future. Moss Farm is an exciting project for all involved and the community surronding. Looking forward to developing future sporting stars for our country! #TeamRed


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