Over the last couple of months we have been busy with various aspects of this exciting project.  The digital laser survey plans are complete and are being used for the preliminary gymnasium designs of the refurbishment project. The de-commissioning of the swimming pools are complete and the removal of the filtration systems and other mechanical plant have also been completed by the Council.

The agreement for the long term lease will be the next element to complete and then the business plan for the operation of the club identifying how we will run the facility in a sustainable way. Our partners, including Tiny Steps Charity, the surrounding sports clubs, CWAC and Alliance consulting are all working together to make the proposals for the site work and all alternatives are being investigated to provide a mutual gain for all the parties.

We have been working with potential gymnastic equipment suppliers to see what configuration of layout best suits the needs of the proposed users including any other sports clubs or gymnastics clubs who could utilise the facility during its seven day use.

Our biggest challenge is to find appropriate funding from all the various bodies/organisations we are approaching but either way this project must go ahead as its an amazing facility for the local, and rapidly growing community.

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