Over 300 parents and gymnasts came together on the 11th July for the clubs’ annual championships. A day of great competition hosted by a warm and friendly Wingate Centre. The results are as follows:

IMG_3312Disabilities Champions:

1st Place Mathew Lopes

2nd Place Darcey Williams

3rd Place Lawrence Brodin


Trampolining Champions:

1st Place Lily Tansey

2nd Place Amy Brassington

3rd Place Claire Morrell


Beginners Champions:

1st Place Millie Beecher & Jessica Williams

2nd Place Lucy Winter

3rd Place Anna Humprheys


Highest Scores Trophies:

Vault  Millie Beecher

Tumble Anna Humprheys

Trampette  Jessica Williams


Beginners Plus Champions:

1st Place Jessie Hombrey

2nd Place Amy Brassington

3rd Place Izzabella Hughes


Highest Scores Trophies:

Vault  Jessie Hombrey

Tumble  Izzabella Hughes

Trampette  Izzabella Hughes


Advancing Champions:

1st Place Milly Jackson

2nd Place Heidi Hill

3rd Place Harriet James


Highest Scores Trophies:

Vault  Harriet James

Tumble  Milly Jackson

Trampette  Heidi Hill

Flexibility  Hannah Drinkwater


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