club_champ_webOver 100 gymnasts are in the final of the Cheshire Gymnastics Championships on Saturday 11th July at the Wingate Centre. Its going to be a great event with displays from pre-schoolers and disabilities performers and lots of trophies to compete for across all levels in the club. The Wingate centre will host the competition and make available food and refreshments and even a display of Irish Dancing at lunchtime!

Parking is available on the adjacent farmers field and tickets are available in sessions across the various venue’s the week preceding the final. An email request and bank transfer can also be used to buy tickets, although numbers are limited so you must get a move on

There will be trophies for highest scores in each of the categories and across all pieces of equipment. the trophies are the largest and most impressive we have ever seen at the club too!

A video will be produced of the various displays that will be downloadable for parents at the club.

One request we have is if you have some availability on the Friday 10th in the afternoon to help set up the audience areas and after the competition ends, either one, that would be great.

See you all there!


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