Over the Easter break and for a couple of weeks we will have a number of new elite level coaches in the gym at various sites. They are joining us whilst Mark & Laura take a well earned break. The coaches have experience in National and International competitions in Artistic Gymnastics and both are tutors for British Gymnastics so we are very pleased to have them assisting the club. You never know, they may even stick around!

Another new member to the club and coaching staff will be Sharon Peberdy who is an ex-GB gymnast and another excellent addition to the team. We feel very lucky to have such high levels of coaches and ex-performers just joining our friendly little club!


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  1. Sharon Baker (nee Peberdy)
    Sharon Baker (nee Peberdy) says:

    Thanks guys. I have had a lovely welcome and I’m impressed by the hard work I have seen in the last couple of weeks.
    Sharon x


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