club_champ_webAll gymnasts from Beginners upwards will be training hard towards some set routines/elements ready to compete in June at each of our sites. The three medal winners will go through to the Cheshire Gymnastics Championships in July, dates to follow.

Here are a reminder of the elements for all gymnasts to remember!


beg     f/roll, straight jump, f/roll, star jump, f/roll, tuck jump
beg +  cartwheel, chasse, cartwheel, roff, (or c/wheel qtr turn inwards) stretch jump, b/roll (arms left up in chasse’s)
Adv    r/off jump 180 to 1, cartwheel r/off jump, jump 360 or r/off flick st jump – turn round & repeat – r/off flick st jump
beg     squat on st jump off
beg + straddle on, to two feet straddle jump off
Adv    h/spring (10.0) or straddle through (9.0)
beg     Tuck jump
beg +  dive roll or st jump 360
Adv     Any somersault (10.0) or Dive roll (9.0)
Flexibility (Just for Advancing Group)
Arabesque, any walkover to any splits, japana, pull through, log roll over to bridge (3 secs)
The Hartford pre-school group will do a little display routine to a suitable piece of music!
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