Lets hope all the gymnasts entering are starting to think about their upcoming performances and are looking to work hard in each session. The competition is just for fun so not too serious but you never know, these gymnasts might want to win, what do you think? Good luck coaches with your teams, a little competition for yourselves too!

Good Luck Gymnasts!

Here are the elements per level.


VAULT  – squat on immediate stretch jump off

TRAMPETTE  – star jump

TUMBLE  – forward roll forward roll immediate stretch jump, jump 180 immediate star jump


VAULT – straddle on jump feet together jump 180

TRAMPETTE – straddle jump OR jump 360

TUMBLE – handstand forward roll to one leg cartwheel cartwheel 90 out forward roll to straddle stand


VAULT – straddle through or handspring

TRAMPETTE – dive roll OR front somersault –

TUMBLE – round off jump 180 to one leg cartwheel cartwheel round off jump 180 immediate dive roll



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